VISA Classic Chip Credit Card

The eligibility criteria for issue of VISA Classic Chip Credit Card are as follows:


•    Account holder of Vijaya bank
•    Minimum Gross Income of Rs 60000/- p.a. for salaried class & Rs 50000/- p.a. for self-employed
Term Deposit of Rs 50000/- for two years & above
•    Enjoying satisfactorily credit facility of Rs 2 lakh & above
•    Life time free Vijaya Add-on cards will be issued to Individual cardholders’ spouse, parents and children above 18 years of age
•    NRIs can nominate residents as add-on cardholders

For Corporates
•    For corporate VISA Classic Chip Credit cards, the minimum paid up capital should be Rs 10 lakhs
•    Company should submit their Audit Balance Sheet, Income Tax Assessment/Clearance orders, and particulars of other bankers, if any.
•    The company should sponsored a minimum of 3 officials for issue of cards

Salient features of VISA Classic Chip Credit card
•    The card is highly secure chip based credit card
•    The card is valid for THREE YEARS
•    The card is being issued in association with VISA International and is valid Globally
•    Instant cash withdrawal facility upto 50% of the card limit with a maximum of Rs 25000/-
•    Personal Identification Number (PIN) is mandatory in all the domestic Point of Sale (POS) transactions
•    Cash withdrawal facility from interconnected VISA ATMs using the secret PIN
•    The VISA Classic Chip Credit Card is accepted at 22 million merchant outlets spread across the world including 1 lakh merchant outlets in India
•    The Credit Card transactions details are sent through e-mail to the cardholder every week and on the billing day free of charge
•    Vijaya Bank cardholders are covered under insurance against fraudulent use in case of loss of the card, for the transactions made after the date of intimation of loss to the bank

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