RuPay Kisan Card

Rupay Kisan Card 

Guidelines for issuance of Rupay Kisan Debit Card

·         The ATM enabled Kisan Debit card is issued to the customers having Vijaya Kisan Card account with our Bank (CBS) and is linked to VKC account of the customer.

·         The ATM enabled Kisan Debit Card  is specially designed non-photo card launched in association with Rupay a Domestic payment branch promoted by NPCI

·         The card is issued free of charge and is valid for 5 years

·         The cardholder can withdraw cash from all the ATMs of our bank and other bank’s Rupay Branded ATMs.

·         The Kisan Debit card also can be used at merchants for the purchase of items required for agriculture activity only*.   To restrict the use of Kisan Debit card for agriculture purpose, an undertaking letter is to be obtained from the VKC customer applying for Kisan Card. A Performa of the undertaking letter is enclosed herewith.

·         The existing limits of Debit Card for cash withdrawal at ATMs ,Merchant transactions and number of financial transactions are applicable in case of Kisan Debit card also subject to not exceeding the drawing power/seasonal sub limits fixed for VKC a/c of the cardholder.


 The drawing power for the Kisan card account will have to be fixed by the branch depending upon the crops cultivated, area under cultivation and scale of finance. The guidelines for opening and maintaining drawing power on Kisan Card account has been framed by the HO – credit priority by way of circulars has to be complied with.


Schedule of Charges for Rupay Kisan Cards

Please refer Debit Card Charges & Limits section 

Schedule of Transaction Limits for Rupay Kisan Cards

Please refer Debit Card Charges & Limits section 


For more details, please contact our 24 X 7 Customer Care Centre at

Toll free number 1800 425 9992 / 5885 / 4066



Place :

Date :









The Branch Head

Vijaya Bank



Dear Sir

My Loan A/c No VKC                       for Rs __________


With regard to the above loan account and the ATM enabled Kisan Debit  Card provided to me, I hereby undertake the following :

·         I will UTILISE THE CARD  for the sanctioned purposes of Vijaya Kisan Card only

·         I undertake to comply with other terms of sanction of Vijaya Kisan Card.


Yours faithfully

(Signature of borrower)

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