Gift Cards

Gift Card

Domestic Gift card is issued in association with VISA International. Gift card is a prepaid product wherein a stipulated amount is loaded on to the card. The card can be used up to the amount available on the card. It is a onetime loadable card valid only in India and used only for swiping at merchant establishments. It can be used by the purchaser directly or can be gifted to a person whom he is related to. The product is designed for gifting during festival seasons where the ultimate beneficiary need not be an account holder of any bank

Application for a Card

1.     A person desirous of availing of a Gift card should apply to the bank in Gift card application form prescribed by the bank. Vijaya Gift cards are issued to customers who maintain SB/Current accounts with the bank for a minimum period of 6 months with satisfactory operations.

2.     The payment for Gift Card is through account only. No payment of cash is accepted.

Card Validity & Use

1.     The card shall be valid only in India.

2.     Gift card will be valid for one year from the date of its activation.

3.     Card is allowed for purchases at merchant locations only by swiping of the card.

4.     Not valid for cash withdrawal through ATMs.

5.     The available balance can be known in ATMs through balance enquiry option using the PIN mailer supplied along with the welcome kit or by calling the Customer Care Centre of the bank.

Card Loss

1.  If the card is lost, the card holder must forthwith report such loss to the bank to

24 x 7 Customer Care Centre through telephone : 1800 425 9992 / 5885 / 4066


Schedule of Charges for Gift Cards


Gift Card

Fresh Issue

Rs 100/- + service tax (as applicable)

Balance Enquiry at ATMs

Rs 10/- plus S.T per transaction

Retrieval request for charge slip

Rs 200/- Plus S.T


Load value: Rs.1,000- Rs.10,000/- in multiples of 500.


For more details, please contact our 24 X 7 Customer Care Centre at

Toll free number 1800 425 9992 / 5885 / 4066


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