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India's first complete payment application & website, VPayQwik is a quickest and safest way for Online Recharge, DTH or Datacard Recharge and make mobile or utility Bill Payments for Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, TATA Docomo, Idea, MTNL, Vodafone or other operators. You do not need to rush to the market to make your DTH or mobile bill payments, just log-on to VPayQwik and experience the easiest & fastest method of recharges and payments.

VPayQwik is one of India's best mobile commerce platform. Started to offer quick mobile recharge and utility bill payments, VPayQwik has pioneered as a full online marketplace with range of products to pick from. VPayQwik strives to provide fully-secure platform to the consumers for instant fund transfer across India. We have developed a platform which we use ourselves, and love it absolutely! With VPayQwik, users are now able to recharge all prepaid or postpaid mobile bills across India, make bill payments to landline & electricity providers, purchase tickets for bus, airline, and movie easily and shop for latest products right on their mobile phones

Just launching a customized platform isn't sufficient, we rigorously endeavor to deliver credible, evolving, expedient and handy product. That's why we adhere to improve on customer's feedbacks and reflect the same in design. Plain yet tech-savvy, our website and mobile app will guide you in your every necessity. Be it lagging behind in the traffic logjam or waiting in a long queue, payments are always weary and cumbersome. With amazing mobile of app of VPayQwik, you will be able to pay or transfer amount anytime from your mobile phone. That too without any hassle!

Not only that with our fastest checkout options, we offer multiple payment transactions which are fully safe and secure. By choosing VPayQwik, you will be bestowed upon with exclusive discounts, exciting coupons and attractive cashback offers while shopping on our partner sites. Check out our website to know more about partner sites. VPayQwik is totally safe. In addition to payments or transactions, VPayQwik is one-stop destination to shop for retail, fashion, electronics and other products online. Everything you are looking for is available right with VPayQwik, shopping online was never so easy.

It's nothing short than a joy ride for our customers, which is irresistible yet easy on wallets. Download our mobile app from Google Play Store today. Get going with the best mobile commerce, exciting offers and exclusive coupons are just a click away.

VPayQwik brings to you the various coupons, deals and offers to make your payment experience rich every day. Our online recharge and bill payment service give you reward points, which can be used to avail attractive and lucrative cash back and discount offers. Download VPayQwik from your App Store.

VPayQwik also provides travel ticket service, through VPayQwik you can book Air tickes, Bus tickets, Hotels, Car Rental and Holiday Packages. Come and experience hassle-free, safe and fast ticketing services at VPayQwik. VPayQwik make sure that every transaction you do is risk free.

VPayQwik strongly believes in a sincere and transparent approach to its users. You trust and love us and we would never put growth before trust. This policy document aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints, grievances and disappointments via channelized approach, review and redressal. The self-review will be of help in identifying shortcomings in the product features and service delivery. If you are disappointed, then at some point in time we have not done a great enough job.

VPAYQWIK Features:

     i.        Top-up (All operators)

    ii.        Bill Payment

a.    Post Paid (All Operators)

b.    Landline Bill Payment (All Operators)

c.    DTH Recharge (All Operators)

d.   Electricity (More than 15 billers)

e.    Gas Bill Payment (More than 3 billers)

f.     Insurance (More than 4 billers)

   iii.        Fund Transfer to

a.    Registered/unregistered mobile number

b.    Any Bank Account

  iv.        Travel Tickets

a.    Bus Tickets (more than 3200 Bus operators)

b.    Air Tickets (All Domestic Airlines and Major International Airlines)

c.    Hotel Booking

d.   Car Rentals

e.    Holiday Packages

   v.        Coupon Redemption

  vi.        Various Merchant Coupons

 vii.        Reward Point program

viii.        Request Money

  ix.        Refer A Friend


Security of Electronic-wallets

Some of the preventive measures for Safe Banking and to combat against the frauds:

1.For prevention against Impersonation and SIM swapping attacks:
User should be advised that financial service providers will never ask their customers for sharing their private information such as passwords or payment account numbers over email requests or phone inquiries etc.
Some Mobile network operators send an SMS to alert their customers of a SIM swap, the affected customer can act and stop this fraud in its tracks by contacting the mobile operator immediately.

2.For prevention against phishing attacks:
The URL of the web-page should be verified, by establishing the authenticity of the website by validating its digital certificate. To do so, go to File > Properties > Certificates or double click on the Padlock symbol at the upper right or bottom corner of the browser window.

Emails or text messages asking the user to confirm or provide personal information (Debit/Credit/ATM pin, CVV, expiry date, passwords, etc.) should be ignored.

3. For prevention against Malware attacks:
Keep the wallet software up to date: Using the latest version of software allows receiving important stability and security fixes timely. Updates can prevent problems of various severities, include new useful features and help keep the wallet safe.

Installing updates for all other software on the computer or mobile is also significant to keep the wallet environment safer.

Best Practices to be followed by the customers, our own employees:
Passwords option should be enabled on the user’s phones, tablets, and other devices before e-wallets can be used.
Only Secure trusted Networks should be used more secure and trusted WiFi connections identified as "WPA or WPA2" requiring strong passwords should be used.
Apps to be installed from Trusted Sources. The user must check for the e-wallet provider to be showing strong legacy of securely, reliably and conveniently handling sensitive financial data and providing customer support (in the event of card loss or account fraud.
User should avoid writing down information used to access the digital wallets in plain view or storing them in an unprotected file to avoid their misuse.
Create a Unique Password for Digital Wallet: Use hard-to-guess password unique to the digital wallet to prevent against the risk of unauthorized access.
User should stay vigilant and aware of cell phone's network connectivity status and register for Alerts through SMS and emails: The user should not switch off his cell phone in the event when numerous annoying calls are received, rather answering the calls should be avoided. This could be a ploy to get him to turn off his phone or put it on silent to prevent him from noticing that his connectivity has been tampered with.

The customer should realize that when he is not receiving any calls or SMS notifications for a long time against his e-wallet uses, he should make enquiries with his mobile operator to be sure about not falling victim to such scam.

Identify Points of Contact in case of Fraudulent Issues: For any fraudulent activity occurring on the users account in the scenarios like when phone is lost or stolen, an individual card stored in the wallet is lost or account has been hacked, appropriate points of contact for resolving the issues should be understood by the user. The user must completely understand the e-wallet provider’s contract terms and conditions.

In case of Issue, our customers can immediately contact on the following numbers/emails: Ph- 1800 425 4066/9992/5885 email – vnetbanking@vijayabnak.co.in

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