Softtoken Registration

What is software token?
Vijaya Bank has introduced Software token [NEXUS TRUID] as an additional mode of two factor authentication [2FA]. Softtoken is a mobile application [NEXUS TRUID] which generates one time password (OTP) in lieu of SMS OTP, for authenticating transactions in Vijaya Bank Internet Banking. It generates OTP instantaneously and eliminates the need for SMS OTP. The mobile application NEXUS TRUID is PIN protected to prevent its misuse by unauthorized person possessing your mobile

What is the procedure for choosing software token as 2FA?

Step 1: Download the application on registered mobile number. Android users can download it from play store (NEXUS TRUID) and Apple users can find it on App Store.

Step 2: Login to Internet Banking and choose Menu option change 2FA

Step 3: Select Soft tokens from the drop down and proceed, an OTP will be delivered to your registered mobile number. Key in the OTP and proceed further.

Step 4: A screen with process flow will be displayed, click on proceed. Create one synchronized PIN that you wish to keep for your mobile Application. Once created this PIN can be used to access the mobile application. You can change it later by going to Change 2FA -> Change Software Token PIN. This pin will be required every time you need to generate OTP in your mobile. Enter the SIX digit PIN:

Step 5:  Now create a new profile in Application and enter the SEED Code generated. After entering the SEED please enter the 6 digit PIN that you created in Step 4. On your mobile app please enter the SEED: once again

Note: This profile will be saved in the mobile application. If you revert 2FA mode to SMS OTP and again if you want to change it back to soft token then you need to delete the current profile (In TruID app) and recreate it again and enter a newly created SEED code.

Step 6: Enter the OTP generated from TruID app and click on Verify. You are successfully migrated to Softtoken.

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