Blocking of Debit Card through SMS

Debit Card holders can block / hotlist their Debit Card by sending SMS to 9243755121 from card holder’s registered mobile number by referring Account Number or Debit Card Number as per the format given below:

A.    SMS Format for HOTLISTING using Account No

          HOT <15 Digit Account No>
          e.g. HOT 133101021000596

B.    SMS Format for HOTLISTING using CARD No

          HOT <16 Digit Card No>
          e.g. HOT 4213410000000000

C.    SMS Format , if multiple cards are linked to a single account

 HOT <15 Digit Account No>  
 e.g. HOT 133101021000596

Bank will respond as below
•    Multiple cards ending with ------ linked to your account. To hotlist, send message as HOT <last 4 digit of card no>
•    Re send SMS HOT <Last Four Digit of Card No> e.g. HOT 0162

The card will be hot-listed at the switch immediately and confirmation will be sent to the cardholder.

If no reply is received in 5 minutes, the cardholder has to call our 24 x 7 Customer Care Centre to get the card hot-listed:

•    Toll free number 1800 425 9992/5885/4066